How-to Guide for Installing Pool Safety Fences, Pool Gates and Pool Covers

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pool safety fences

There are a lot of options to consider including pool safety covers, pool safety fences, pool safety nets and pool safety alarms to ensure pool safety. Safety fences are a need that can be met in a variety of designs. To meet state laws regarding the installation of pool fences and gates we have outlined three of the best options when it comes to safety products and pool barriers.

Featured products: permanent fences by SĀFTRON, Secur-A-Pool Mesh Safety covers by GL International and removable pool safety screen fences by Water Warden. Did you know that you can achieve a do-it-yourself pool fence installation project over a long weekend? In other words, if you are a DIY-er it’s something to consider to ensure that small children and pets are kept a safe distance away from pool water.

You might be surprised that pool barriers can actually add elegance to pool settings, furthermore, providing an additional way to beautify your backyard. This is great news to property owners or renters of properties with pools. If renting a property with a pool in the backyard and you have small children, consider proposing a safety pool barrier. Property managers may ask that a fence installation is approved by the owner and left on the property once the lease agreement expires. The advantage of being able to rent to any family without risk or liability is something that most property managers are likely to agree to. Deciding on the best style and brand will be the biggest challenge due to the many options available today, therefore we’ve created the following simple break down of cost and a step by step guide to get beautiful results.

For more about best practices for swimming pool safety click here

What would an install of a safety pool fence cost?

Saftron Pool fences are aesthetically pleasing and durable, made of the high-grade vinyl polymer. This material lends itself to a warranty of 10 years and needs very little maintenance if any. Another great feature about Saftron fence material is they never get hot in the sun and as a result, remain cool to the touch. A fence section measures 96.5 inches in length about eight feet per section. At $194.05 per middle section piece, the average cost is about $24.00 per foot. Thumbtack reports price per linear foot typically ranges between $21.00 and $25.00, plus the cost of an arched gate. See the full Thumbtack cost analysis read more

Getting started in your pool fence installation:

  • Check local fence codes;
  • Have utility cable lines marked;
  • Measure the plan area;
  • Clear fence pathways of obstructions;
  • Decide on plate mount or core mount fence posts installation;
  • Reserve any equipment rentals if needed;
  • Consider concrete options (if doing core mount);
  • Unpack materials and take inventory.

Tools and materials needed: Level, hacksaw, tape measure, string line, ground stakes, electric screwdriver, hammer and marking spray paint. Also, a post hole digger, shovels, wheel barrel, Quikrete, gas-powered auger (if digging out post holes and pouring concrete.)

stake the lines
Stake the lines and get a perfect fence line

STEP 1. STAKE THE STRING LINESmeasure from the ground up 80mm

First, determine the corner and fence post locations. Install stakes and string lines for each run of fence distance. Ideally, you want the sting lines to cross these corners by about a foot, as a result, the two strings lines will form a 90-degree angle where your corner post will sit. Run a tight string line and ensure that the string does not touch the ground.

Tip: When setting up your posts mark on the ground where you want your posts to be. Lay out your string line as low to the ground as possible. Mark where the center of the base post will be. Next check the post for plumb with a level. Make sure the bottom of the fence is no more than 60-80 mm away from the ground.

STEP 2. SET END, CORNER, AND GATEPOSTQuikrete for core mounts posts

Dig your hole to about 6 inches in diameter and 2 feet deep. Quikrete concrete has sand and gravel included (just add water) and as a result is a popular option for this type of project and readily available. Use volume is approximately 60 lbs per post hole. Mix on the dry side so that the post will stand up by themselves as it dries. Fill to 4 inches below ground level, meanwhile checking that the post is plum with your level.

Tip: Mount options for fence posts include a plate or core mount. For a surface, flange or plate mounts, fixing to concrete use dyna-bolts. If fixing to timber, use timber screws. For core mounts dig 2 feet deep by 6 inches wide and fill with concrete.

core mount post


Continue down the fence line, repeating the steps above. Drilling your post fence pieces together, be sure to adjust your torque setting on your drill as to not strip screws. If you need more stability through the post while attaching the fence to the pole you can always screw through the bottom of the panel bracket. You can also cut down the fence panels to size using an angle grinder or a hack saw, however, this should not be necessary in most cases. Remember, as a rule, it’s better to measure twice and cut once!

Now that the Fence is installed…

Your fence is up and now it’s time to pick out a latch for the pool gate. Some gates already have the latch included in the assembly of the pool gate, however, some companies have different latch options and locking mechanisms as accessories. One of the most popular latch options is the childproof plunger latch. Lastly, make sure the pool gate is at the right height and swings the right way, which is actually swinging open away from the pool.

drill torque settings
Adjust torque settings

fence cutting

Tip: Pool gates installed correctly swing outward away from the pool area.

In other words, SĀFTRON Pool Fencing is a user-friendly system consisting of sections, posts, and gates and designed specifically for contractors, homeowners, and installers. All parts required to build this system are available from the factory. As a result, it can be fabricated without welding through the use of concealed, mechanical fasteners.

Above all this pool fencing combines all the strength advantages of aluminum or galvanized steel. Additionally, the finish has the durability of a high-grade vinyl polymer. Unlike aluminum powder-coated systems which can chip, flake, and peel in just a few short years, the Pool Fencing polymer exterior is guaranteed to last and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Self closing pool gate with latchThe self-closing 2200 series SĀFTRON pool gate with plunger latch is offered in a variety of colors: white, beige, grey, taupe and black.

Factory fabricated picket sections and posts are available in standard heights of 48” and 60″ and comes in spans of 8 ft. Gates come with standard safety latches and Magna latches. Custom heights are available. Complete systems can also be fabricated to your exact specifications. Shipping options include pre-assembled or knocked down for easy reassembly at the job site. Therefore the clean, contemporary design and durable color finishes of SĀFTRON Pool Fence will enhance the look of any project and provide years of satisfaction and enjoyment.



Easy Installation Plate Mount or Core Mount
No Rusting, Pitting or Scaling
No Bonding/Grounding Required with Core Mount Only
Plate Mount or Core Mount
Will Not Fade, Chip or Corrode
Cool to the Touch
Smooth, Glossy, Easy to Clean Surface
Low Maintenance
10 Year Warranty

Long Term Safety:
Above all SĀFTRON railings will not only pass all applicable building codes when installed but will continue to do so for many years thereafter as the fundamental design prohibits rust and other life-threatening degradation.

Maintenance Free:
SĀFTRON railings are manufactured from a unique and advanced formula of resins, polymer, impact modifiers, stabilizers, and ultraviolet light inhibitors and are formulated to resist the most abusive environments. This unique blend helps to resist the damaging effects of chemicals, salt spray, ultraviolet light, and other site conditions, consequently, they will never rust, corrode, peel or flake; virtually eliminating maintenance costs.

Long Term Value:
“Value” exemplifies the SĀFTRON safety railing system. In other words, the average cost of maintenance due to corrosion can be many times the initial cost. In comparison, the cost to install SĀFTRON railings actually diminishes over time when you factor in the costs associated with maintaining railings made from the more conventional materials.

Solid or Mesh Pool Safety Covers, Which One is Right for Me?

Solid pool cover
GL International Secur-A-Pool Mesh Safety Covers are Tough and Flexible.

In comparison, The next product we would like to feature is the GLI Inground Protect-A-Pool Safety Fence. For the months that the pool will be closed one of the best options for in-ground pools is Secur-A-Pool Mesh Safety Cover by GLI. This mesh is aesthetically pleasing and stronger than any other pool cover on the market. GLI Mesh safety covers are ideal for pools in areas of the country with four seasons because they stop all leaves and debris from entering the pool. As a result, the secure fit mesh cover is also impenetrable to children and small animals. As you can imagine there is little effort involved in the installation of pool covers, however, be sure to allow for the extra 1 ft overlap on each side which provides extra material to securely anchor the safety cover to your deck or surrounding area. For more information click here.

Here at USA Pool, we love the look of these high-quality covers because they conform to any pool shape and wrap tightly against even the most elaborate water feature design elements of your pool and yard. They are not just beautiful covers, however, they also meet the standard performance specification for safety covers and labeling requirements for all covers for swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. As a result, these covers are a great option for preserving the look of the natural landscape elements surrounding your pool because they don’t hinder the view of areas with manicured trees, shrubs and landscaping.

solid cover with landscape
Covers can fit snugly around pool edges and built-in features

Pool Cover Options

There are two options available with these types of covers, mesh or solid covers. Mesh will let dust and sunlight into your pool, in addition to letting water through. Water will be less likely to accumulate on the top of the cover weighing it down. Mesh covers let sunlight through and they may also allow algae to grow.

Solid material pool covers do not let dust or sunlight through, consequently, there is no risk of algae growth. Water may accumulate on top of solid covers. You may consider pumps as an option to remove the excess rainwater that can accumulate and weigh covers down.

Keep in mind not all mesh pool covers are created equal, and as a result, you may find a cheaper mesh that will only last an average of 2-3 years. Check your manufacturer’s warranty and expect to pay in the range of $1000.00 to $1600.00 for a 20 x 40-foot pool mesh cover with attention to cost per square foot.

Read more about the national safety standard ASTM F1346

Our Third Choice for Safety, Removable Pool Safety Screens

pool safety screen

Pool screens can be used during the open pool season, however, are also removable while winter safety covers are in place for instance. One of the best-rated products of its kind is the Water Warden in-ground pool safety fence. At a price point of $102.00 to $130.00 per 12 ft section, pool safety screens average about $10 per foot combined with the cost of the self-closing gate at $303.49. The Water Warden gate comes complete with lock and hinges. It is compatible with Water Warden 4 ft. x 12 ft. safety fence sections. For the most part, this fence installation is affordable. Therefore, this option lends itself best to residential and private backyard pools for enhanced safety.

A Peg System for Fence Post Installation

drill guide
Drill guide

The peg system is a process of drilling holes into the concrete to install the fence posts.  Use the metal pegs attached to the fence posts to anchor the section. Alignment is important, however, so be sure to use a drill guard to ensure the pegs are installed at a perfect 90-degree angle. The drill guard keeps your drill angled correctly for a perfect DIY installation because accurate angling of your drill bit will ensure a taut and secure fence.

The Water Warden safety pool gate coordinates with Water Warden fence sections to allow easy access to the pool area. As an example, some gates include a self-closing and latching lock. Fence sections are available in 4 ft. or 5 ft. Heights. The gate includes the MagnaLatch lock and two true-close, self-closing hinges.

Pegs showing concrete holescreen with pegs


An optional accessory, as previously stated the Water Warden drill guide Co-ordinates with Water Warden 4 ft. x 12 ft. safety fence sections.



There you have it: three of the best options available for pool safety barriers. Above all, Saftron professional fencing will withstand the test of time. However, GLI Secur-A-Pool mesh pool covers are ideal for in-ground pools in the winter months. On the other hand, Water Warden removable pool screens provide a safe pool setting that can be removed. Given these pointers, whichever option you choose you can feel secure in knowing that you are doing your part to keep pool areas safe. Thank you for reading this blog.

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