How to choose the best Pool Cover this winter!

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usa pool direct latham automatic pool cover
USA Pool Direct Latham automatic pool cover tan

How to choose the best Pool Cover this winter!

Need to find a pool cover? Are you having trouble making a decision? Are you asking yourself if you even need a pool cover?  No, Problem! That’s where we come in! We can help fill the gaps and give you all the knowledge needed. We are here to make sure you chose the best pool cover for this winter! Read this article to learn how to choose a pool cover and feel confident in your purchase! Surprisingly there are many different types of covers and materials when it comes to covering your pool. Additionally, there are many situations in which you may need a certain one to solve your problem. First, let’s discuss why you should even cover your pool. When you don’t cover your pool there are many consequences you might encounter. From damaging your pool liner; falling in the pool, getting too much debris in your pool, these are just a few things you may have issues with without a pool cover. Pool Liners refers to the bottom floor and walls of the pool and are very important. Typically, pool liners can last anywhere from five to ten years. However, the more dirt, chemicals, and debris that make contact with that liner may cause damage and wear faster. Covers are all about keeping things out and staying protected. From Safety to general blockage and providing warmth there are many different cover types, Additionally, pool covers help save energy and reduce chemical usage, therefore saving you money in the long run. While reading about these different types of pool covers it’s important to consider the climate you live in and what the cover will see.  So let’s dive in and get you the best cover.

Solar Cover

USA Pool Direct Canvas Above Ground AG Solar Blanket
USA Pool Direct Midwest Canvas above ground (AG) Solar Blanket

Are you concerned about keeping your pool heated? Solar covers are a great addition to your pool, especially if you run a heater. A solar cover can conserve water up to 40%, reduce chemical consumption by 40% and even heat your water up to an addition 10 more degrees. It’s to be noted that these types of cover will not replace the use of a heater, they are to be used together because the cover keeps the heat in the pool.  But, if this sounds like the cover you need than your in luck! There are essentially three different types of solar covers. There are Solar Covers; also known as a solar blanket, Solar rings, and liquid solar Cover. Solar Blankets look almost look like bubble wrap and cover the whole size of the pool. These can be difficult to take on and off, which is why there are reel systems and solar rings. A reel system is a great way to quickly put off your cover without much physical labor. Reel systems can be bought for as cheap as fifty bucks and installed within the afternoon. After that, all it takes is a quick wind up from the handle. Solar rings are smaller round disc that does that same job as a blanket but offers the ease of taking in and out of the pool. If solar rings sound like the solution to you check out our website for these classy and simple solar suns rings  If these interest you then you should check out our selection from Solar Sun Rings Lastly, there is such a thing as liquid solar cover. Don’t worry about the physical labor of removing giant covers or fishing out rings. Just pour the liquid directly into the pool and let it do the job. If you choose to buy a cover you not only need to measure your pool size, but you need to consider the thickness. Covers usually come in 4,8, 12 and 16 millimeters of thickness. Covers that are blue are usually 4 or 8mil. These can last anywhere from one to three years and are typically not considered to be as tough. Clear covers come in 12 mil and 16 mil, known to be stronger and more durable. They can last 3 to 10 years depending on what you choose. If you really want to know the ins and outs of solar pool cover check out this video

Safety Cover

USA Pool Direct Latham safety in ground pool cover
USA Pool Direct Latham Green safety cover in-ground pool cover

Are you looking for a tough cover? One that will last for years and can take the abuse? If you’re looking for a safe and heavy-duty alternative than look no further. Safety Covers are the best that money can buy. We at USA Pool Direct think a safety cover is truly the best cover you could have this winter. Typically they anchored into the ground and help provide your in-ground pool with a heavy-duty cover. This setup is so well-liked because they can handle large amounts of weight placed on them. Never worry about large amounts of debris or heavy snow again! Additionally, if your pet or small child runs out onto the cover, they will not end up in the water or ripping the cover. The thought of drilling anchors into your deck and placing a large heavy cover on and off may sound like a pain. Even though these types of covers are mainly used in the winter months maybe that’s something you don’t want to deal with, or maybe you want to stay covered more frequently. Another great option for you might be an automatic system. Have all the work done with just one push of a button? Sounds nice right? Although nice to have, these systems can run upwards of fifteen thousand dollars. Depending on what exactly you want you will need the system itself and your pool may need some modifications. However, you can also purchase small reel systems for as little as fifty bucks that do a similar job. With just the turn of a small crank, you can have the cover nicely laid over the pool in seconds. Regardless of how you choose to apply your cover, you will still want to choose a good cover. The best part about safety covers is that they are typically made of a dense mesh fabric that allows water to safely drain through the cover. Meaning Leaves and debris will stay dry and on top of the cover for easy cleaning during the winter months. However, you can choose to buy a solid cover if you wish. However, that will mean cleaning the top or buying a pump to get water off during the season.  With a safety cover, the next part you need to consider is your pool shape. If your pool is a simple rectangle shape, you should use the typical rectangle-shaped covers. However, pools that are not rectangular in shape should consider getting a custom shaped cover. If you buy a rectangle cover to use on your custom shaped pool it will wear unevenly on the pool coping edge and could void the cover’s warranty. Additionally, if you want to keep people off the cover it may be best to look into fencing.

Winter Covers

USA Pool Direct Pooltux Winter Cover with water tubes
USA Pool Direct Pooltux Winter Cover with water tubes

Whether you have an inground or above ground pool you have options when it comes to a winter pool cover. Winter covers are available in mesh and solid. They do a great job of keeping out debris and sunlight and they are lightweight and easy to throw on and off your pool. However, a winter cover is basically a cheap tarp, they aren’t considered to be as tough as a safety cover. If you get too much weight on the top of the cover it will end up falling into the pool or even ripping. Therefore costing you more time doing maintenance and cleanup. Often times these covers are kept on with rope, cables, winches and in some cases water tubes. (as seen in the photo above). Because of these factors, one could argue that they come off easily and do not look as nice as a safety cover. However, winter covers are notoriously cheaper as compared to safety covers. Winter covers can be had for 50-300$ dollars whereas safety covers could cost up to 3,000$.


All in all, a pool cover is all about keeping out debris, sunlight, and staying safe all while keeping your energy and chemical usage low. We’ve given you lots of options to consider and we hope you love what you choose. Before you decide just consider your budget, your pool size, and your needs. Consider safety and your weather conditions too. Getting a quality cover now means you won’t have to do more maintenance later. Check out all the top quality covers we have to offer at So save yourself the hassle! Buy a Cover today! At USA Pool Direct we want you to have the best pool cover this winter! And don’t forget If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to comment below or even reach out to us. We truly want to know how to choose the best pool cover.