Outdoor Patio Design 101

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outdoor patio design 101Spruce it up!

Do you have an outdoor space? Are you trying to entertain guests or just relax?  Or just looking for a project this offseason? No matter what kind of budget or outdoor space you have you can make it something unforgettable. It’s not always about what kind of things you have in your space, it’s how you make it feel and work together. This is the concept of Feng Shui Shui. Feng Shui is best described as balancing the energy in your space to create more harmonious living. This can be done through furniture, lighting, psychical spacing and the over mood/ambiance of the room. So regardless of your patio space and what things you have in it, it’s about how it makes you feel. From tiny balconies to large gardens we have all the tips and tricks you need to know to create your dream space and create that harmonious vibe. Keep reading to learn Outdoor Patio Design 101! 

Let’s Consider Wants, Needs, and Space

So you wanna create a new patio space? That’s great! Building and designing your area is a lot of fun and can be rewarding. However, before you start doing anything we recommend you check with the city and/or HOA on what you can and cannot do. If you plan to build any kind of structure you may need the proper permits. The best place to start is with a basic drawing and consideration of things you want or need to have on your patio. Do you want a space for parties? Do you want a private more personal space? Most people design their space for a mixture of both, so keep that in mind as well. As you are dreaming and drawing your dream patio you may want to take some basic measurements. Knowing the size and what you can accommodate is essential, you don’t want to miscalculate by any means. Location is also very important to think about. Are you planning on building a space to cook? Maybe you want to be close to your house and its kitchen? Having easy access to what you need will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. All of these things are just the start of what you want to think about to get the ball rolling on your new dream patio. 


The best part of creating a patio space means you get to have the creativity to do whatever you wish. There are no rules, nothing you have to follow! If you can dream it, you can make it happen! The best and most common materials to use are Concrete, Wood, Stone, Brick or even Pavers. They can drastically help transport your patio design to the next level.  Just be aware of the budget, whose going to build it, and what it will be used for. Keep reading for a quick rundown of each type of material. 


Often the cheapest and easiest kind material to work with. On average, Concrete can cost anywhere from 8-10$ per square foot. The great part about working with concrete is how it can easily be shaped, stained, stamped or colored. With Concrete, you have a lot of freedom to customize.


Pavers are hard blocks made of concrete, clay, natural stone, and other recycled materials. Pavers are a great option to consider because they are easy to work with and create a smooth service. They come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Think of it like laying brick down on the ground. Pavers are great because almost anyone can lay them and they average around 14$ per sq foot. 


Last but not least we have flagstone, arguably the best-looking material one can use for their patio. Flagstone is just a wide form of Sedimentary rock that comes from quarries. You can get Flagstone in almost any form of shape or color. Typical flagstone look is a natural, earthy looking irregular cut stone. However, they can be shaped in a Rectangle pattern and even stained in many different colors. Because of this Flagstone can range anywhere from 15-30$ per square foot, but its worth it if you want a great-looking patio.

The Fun Stuff 

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of patio design we can get to the fun stuff. There are so many fun ideas and products to consider for your patio. Let’s start exploring! The possibilities are endless. 

Outdoor Kitchens

Encore Coatings LLC Signature Outdoor Kitchen Set
Encore Coatings LLC Signature Outdoor Kitchen

There’s nothing more exciting and good looking than a beautiful outdoor kitchen. With beautifully polished stainless steel and decorative brick or stone why wouldn’t you want one? Host an outdoor party and take your grilling to another level.


Tejas Original Firepit/RTF system


Create a cozy environment with an outdoor firepit! Firepits create a perfect opportunity for entertainment, cooking and providing warmth as the sun goes does. When designing your patio a firepit could often be considered your main attraction, so consider a firepit early on. Additionally, firepits can be custom-built or added on later with a more simple out of the box product. Regardless, don’t forget to add a fire pit to your patio today! Click Here to see our wise selection of firepit products available today (https://www.usapooldirect.com/outdoor-lifestyle/firepits


Whether in the pool or on the patio there are many lighting options to complement your space. Lighting is great because it provides much more than you would think. Lighting helps set the tone of the space, or better yet known as ambiance or mood. You may not think much of it now, but when the moment strikes and you are winding down your long day there is nothing better than relaxing in a well-lit area than just created a perfected mood. 

To Conclude

Start contemplating how you are going to turn your space into something unforgettable. Consider your needs, wants, budget and size requirements. No matter how small space or budget you the creativity and a wide list of options to help you out. Once you decide what exactly you want to do, you need to consider material and labor. What material is going to look best or be the most cost-effective for you? Then after that, you get to have some fun. Lighting, grills, firepits, and much more are what make it your own. But it is important to consider all that now to make sure you can fit it all into your space and budget.