Reinventing the flame, with Lovinflame

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Reinventing the flame, With Lovinflame. 

Lovinflame Fire Pit
Lovinflame Fire Pit in Action

Imagine being able to bring a flame with you anywhere you want, indoors and outdoors? Fire Bans and restrictions no longer apply! USAPool Direct is proud to offer Lovinflame, the best fire technology on the market. With Lovinflame you get safe, clean-burning, odorless, wind-resistant, portable and long-lasting flames. Wanna know how it’s all possible? The magic all starts with the revolutionary Fuel. 

Lovinflames Revolutionary Fuel 

Lovinflame Fuel Comparison
Lovinflame Fuel Comparison

Imagine yourself curled up next to your loved one on a cool starlit night. No worry about safety or smelly fuels. Just in the moment. Lovinflame’s fuel is worry and hassle-free! Lovinflame’s water-soluble fuel only ignites when reaching a flashpoint of 220 °F / 104 °C — achieved swiftly through contact with the patented stainless steel wick, producing elegant, clean-burning flames. Together the fuel and wick minimize the risk associated with flare-ups and fuel spills. Lovinflame fuel is clean-burning and virtually emissions-free, the water-soluble fuel only emits water vapor & CO₂. Lovinflame Fuel is classified as a Class IIIB Combustible Liquid under the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 30: Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code), the least flammable level of classification. Lovinflame Fuel is also not a dangerous material regulated by the Department of Transportation, which means it’s safe for storage and transportation. With such a safe and beautiful flame why wouldn’t you want to use Lovinflame fuel? Lovinflame non-toxic fuel releases minimal emissions when burned and can be safely burned both indoors & outdoors. Our fuel is non-flammable with an extremely high flash-point, greatly reducing the risk of flare-ups and ensuring safe storage and transport.


Lovinflame Products

Lovinflame fireplaces and candles are wind-resistant and odorless, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. How amazing is it that you can have a portable fire pit and legally bring it anywhere. Designed to be free-standing and lightweight, our decorative flame products can be easily moved between different locations, adding an elegant accent to any decor scheme. From candles to fire pits and places loving has incorporated their revolutionary fuel technology into it all. 


Lovinflame Candles

Now you can add elegance to your gatherings and events with our odorless, vividly brilliant, and clean-burning candles. Lovinflame’s clean-burning Ceramic Candle Classic produces vividly orange flames, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to your living or outdoor space. With its vibrant glow, the candles are sure to transform the ambiance. Releasing mostly water vapor, Lovinflame candles are odorless and safe for both indoor and outdoor use.


Lovinflame Fire Pits

Lovinflame Portable Firepit
Lovinflame Portable Fire-pit in Metal Black

Just imagine having the power of portability and the freedom to bring a fire pit anywhere you go. Lovinflame’s classic tabletop fire pits are a sleek accent to any decor and can be safely used both indoors and outdoors. Free-standing and portable, our tabletop fire pit can be moved however you’d like. The tabletop fire pit uplifts the mood with its wind-resistant and vividly orange flames, ensuring you enjoy the warmth and ambiance with a peace of mind.


Lovinflame Vent-Fireplace

Lovinflame Fireplace
Lovinflame Fireplace

Snuggle up next to your loved ones! Enjoy an evening of beautiful and safe fire. Take the worry out and put the fun in! Warm and brighten up any room with our vividly brilliant flames that come with a dash of innovation. The free-standing, chimney-free Lovinflame fireplace can be easily moved around, bringing a cozy ambiance to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Lovinflame Fireplace - Rooftop
Lovinflame Fire

The technology behind Lovinflame is powered by their patented stainless steel wick and their non-flammable, water-soluble, and non-toxic fuel which minimizes emissions, flare-ups, and risks associated with fuel spills. With Lovinflame products and technology, you truly get the best to offer in the fire world. Safe and Beautiful flames can now be yours where you want it. Light the fire, set the mood! Lovinflame is here! Visit to get yours today!