The Advantages of Building an Outdoor Kitchen

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USA Pool Direct Tejas Originals outdoor kitchen and deck with swimming pool and barbecue grill on stone patio

We’ve all been there – it’s the middle of the summer, you have hungry guests, and no idea what to serve because your oven turns your home into a fire pit. The air conditioning won’t work, your guests will get cranky, and no one will enjoy the meal you’ve put together. Have you ever considered an outdoor patio kitchen? Building an outdoor kitchen is one of the most popular backyard cooking updates, and it’ll do so much more than save your electric bill. Between built-in outdoor beverage coolers and backyard grill islands, modern outdoor kitchens are the chillest new way to enjoy your patio. Outdoor cooking is also a great way to bring your family together during warmer months when you’re already outside using your swimming pool. Whether you have a backyard BBQ grill that simply needs some dressing up, or you’d prefer ready-to-install outdoor kitchen plans, there are options for every space and style. USA Pool Direct wants to help you get the most out of the outdoor spaces we all love, and there’s no better way to do it than with a backyard kitchen.

USA Pool Direct Eldorado Stone outdoor kitchen with outdoor barbecue grill on backyard patio with fountain

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Kitchens come in all different styles, ranging from full culinary setups to a simple backyard grill island. In order to get the most out of your outdoor kitchen ideas, you should first consider what type of cooking you do in your indoor kitchen. Example: pizza ovens are very popular, but if you don’t think you’ll use an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven more than a few times a year, it doesn’t make sense to build one outside. You want to make sure that your outdoor kitchen is a focal point for your backyard, so pay attention to the outdoor kitchen appliances you pick. Your outdoor appliances will determine where and how you build your new kitchen. A backyard bar-and-grill style cooking area might work best for your lifestyle, but if you have kids, you’ll want to make sure that the bar doesn’t monopolize your space. The most amazing outdoor kitchens are the ones that compliment how you already live! Now that you’ve sorted out which outdoor kitchen ideas best fit your style, let’s take a closer look at the benefits each setup offers (besides great food).  

USA Pool Direct Eldorado Stone metropolitan outdoor grill and grill island on deck with stone

Outdoor Grill Ideas

Lots of us like to grill, but for the dedicated aficionados, you live and breathe the outdoors already. Integrating your backyard BBQ grill into a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen will change the way you prepare and serve your masterfully charred meals. Outdoor cabinets and outdoor refrigerators will minimize your prep time and allow you to be part of the family during the summer when everyone wants to swim, but you want to grill. Adding an outdoor grill island to match your installation will give you counter space that you’ll use constantly; and they help keep your indoor kitchen clean while you cut, chop, and serve outdoors. Another perk of the outdoor BBQ island is the outdoor refrigerator, where you can store your marinating meats to keep them cool and flavorful without running back and forth to the fridge indoors (and they keep bacteria at bay!). Some backyard BBQ grills like Kamado-style oval smokers can even be installed above special outdoor kitchen islands meant to store wood and charcoal. When you combine your love of grilling with an organized and functional outdoor kitchen, you give your cooking and your family the quality time both deserve. 

USA Pool Direct outdoor kitchen grill and cooking station with granite counter tops and cutting board

Outdoor Cooking Station

Right up there with the grill lovers are the cooking lovers, who keep their families fed and happy throughout the year but often struggle in the heat of a sweaty summer kitchen. Outdoor kitchen appliances are incredibly important to this style of outdoor kitchen – an outdoor cooking stove is a staple, and you definitely need plenty of counter space on your outdoor island. To minimize trips back and forth to the pantry, add in prefabricated outdoor kitchen cabinets to hold all your outdoor cooking equipment. While a refrigerator isn’t necessary to your backyard cooking station, you might want one just for convenience. Here’s where a pizza oven really makes a difference – with cabinets and counter tops close by, your outdoor wood-burning pizza oven becomes a custom Italian kitchen! Finish it off with an outdoor sink, and you’ve got everything you need to craft delicious meals outdoors. An added bonus – you won’t go bankrupt keeping the house cool while the stove heats up! Don’t miss out on time with your family and friends because you’re stuck inside – adding an outdoor cooking area is the best of both your worlds.

USA Pool Direct Eldorado Stone modern style outdoor kitchen design with tumbled stone on brick patio at sunset with trees and fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

One of the best things about modern outdoor kitchens is that they often come pre-designed by the manufacturer. For those of us who don’t have the time or budget to do major construction on our backyard, prefab outdoor kitchen kits are the easiest solution. Whether you’re looking for a patio kitchen that’s small and compact, or a large L-shaped outdoor island with a grill, there are outdoor kitchen design plans that will definitely work for your home. Building your own outdoor kitchen has never been easier than with a professional outdoor kitchen design – and they tend to be less of an investment when it comes to outdoor kitchen costs. You also won’t have to worry about connecting your water and fuel lines incorrectly: typically, the plumbing and electrical connections are easily arranged for you when you purchase a prefab outdoor kitchen. While there’s less creative freedom with this style, outdoor kitchen kits are the fast and easy way to get what you want without putting in too much effort. Summer will be here before you know it, and so will your ready-to-install outside kitchen.

USA Pool Direct Sierra Outdoors custom outdoor kitchen kit with stone sink and grill on backyard patio with swimming pool

DIY Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re leaning towards installing your outdoor kitchen based off your own DIY outdoor kitchen plans, do it! Although they can be fairly involved, the advantages of a DIY outdoor kitchen are plenty – you get to indulge your creative side, you can pick the appliances you know you’ll use, and you can tailor your design to that of your swimming pool and patio instead of struggling to find a decent match. A backyard kitchen DIY project also gets the whole family involved, and lets you really engage with your outdoor spaces. From outdoor kitchen island kits to individual cabinet-style refrigerators, you’ll find many companies sell each piece separately for just this style of backyard kitchen. The only word of caution we have is to make sure that your water lines and gas lines are properly calibrated for your new kitchen; and if you aren’t sure, hire a professional! You’ll still come out ahead price-wise. Breathe life into your patio kitchen ideas, and give your whole lifestyle a personalized makeover.

USA Pool Direct Sierra Outdoors outdoor kitchen with grill and grill island on deck near swimming pool in backyard

Outdoor Kitchen Cost

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard space is all about adding value – to your relationships, to your outdoor cooking, and to your home. Installing an outside kitchen will increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars, as well as saving you hundreds on air conditioning. However, an outdoor patio kitchen will also increase the value of your cooking – everyone has to eat, but a backyard grill or outdoor cooking station re-purposes wasted time you’d normally spend alone and gives it back to you and your loved ones. Outdoor cooking equipment installed in cabinets and food kept cool in outdoor compact refrigerators gives you easy access to delicious meals right by the pool, while some outdoor grill islands can even be piped to accommodate beer taps! Everything you need for entertaining indoors can be crafted to fit your new outdoor kitchen, and trust us, you’ll use all of it. Install an outdoor patio kitchen and make your indoor kitchen jealous – it’ll be worth it for years to come.