The Best Outdoor Fire Pits of 2019

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USA Pool Direct outdoor stone fire pit

Outside fire pits

Gone are the days of the haphazard campfire thrown together because your guests wanted ambiance and you didn’t own an outside fire pit. The modern age of outdoor living has seen a huge surge in the popularity of stylish fire tables and outdoor fire pits. From fire pit dining table sets to accessories like fire pit glass rocks, these contemporary backyard features are entirely customizable and guaranteed to dress up your deck. USA Pool Direct has the inside scoop on the hottest backyard fire pit ideas, so stick around as we walk you through the ABC’s of fire pits and fire tables to help you upgrade your outdoor entertainment area.

Fire pit safety

The most important part of fire pit ownership is safety. While fire pits and fire tables are by nature safer than old-school campfires, there are a few rules you should follow to stay safe while enjoying your fire. Make sure your new fire pit is at least ten feet away from your home or outdoor kitchen, and ensure that five of those feet are clear of any plants or sticks, that could become fuel. Be mindful of the materials you choose to set near the edge of your pit, and always keep a jug of water nearby as insurance. Pay attention to the fueling instructions you’ve been given by the manufacturer, and always extinguish the pit before leaving it unattended. Now that you’re safe and ready to play, let’s get into the fun stuff!

Tabletop fire pits

USA Pool Direct linear fire table with fire glass

Tabletop fire pits are the perfect addition to any small outdoor space that needs a little brightening up. Available in linear models or round, bowl-shaped designs, tabletop fire pits are often easily transported and can be added to any stable surface. Perfect for the patio designer who isn’t looking to rearrange their aesthetic, adding a tabletop fire pit is the easy breezy way to enter the modern age of outdoor living.

Ethanol fire pits

Ethanol fire pits are the perfect style of fuel-burning for a tabletop fire pit – they can go anywhere! Ethanol, also called biofuel, is an alcohol-based combustion agent that doesn’t harm the environment – the only by-products are carbon dioxide and water! Whether you want your fire outdoors or indoors, this eco-friendly method of fuel consumption is entirely smoke-free and smell-free, for a fun flame that’s hassle-free. Thanks to the experts at Paloform for educating us – we want an ethanol flame for ourselves now!

Outdoor wood burning fire pits

USA Pool Direct backyard stone fire pit wood burning with patio chairs

While ethanol may be great for the indoors, most of us here at USA Pool Direct can’t resist the natural flames of an outdoor wood-burning fire pit. Virtually any fire pit can be wired to burn natural gas or wood, but there are benefits to both that you should consider. Wood-burning fire pits are not your mother’s campfire, but they definitely have the same great smell and crackling sound. Patio wood burning fire pits create a great design aesthetic, and you won’t find a tastier s’more than one roasted over a wood fire. Outdoor wood fire pits are usually cheaper and more sustainable than those that require gas or propane, but they do need a steady supply of timber and periodic ash clean-up. You should also note that they’re harder to start than gas fire pits, but there’s no opportunity for a dangerous gas leak.

Portable wood burning fire pits

Wood-burning fire pits are one of the best types of fire pits for your nomadic lifestyle – if you like to travel and enjoy the outdoors, there’s no better design. Transporting a wood burning fire pit is super easy and super safe. You won’t have to worry about lugging around a propane tank and all the nuances of safety that come with transporting gas. You also won’t have to worry about classic wood-burning campfire issues: portable fire pits prevent blowing smoke, protect your flames from going out, and allow you to start a safe and contained fire in any of your favorite outdoor locations.

Best fire pit kits

USA Pool Direct fire pit table with wine glasses on outdoor patio

For the do-it-yourselfer that doesn’t actually want to, well, do it themselves, there are plenty of fabulous fire pit kits that come ready to install whenever and wherever in your backyard. From kits with stones made-to-order and match your patio to grand large fire pits that would cost an arm and a leg to have installed, you can pick your fuel type, size, and shape for ultimate customization. Some of the best fire pits on the market today are in ready-to-finish kits!

DIY outdoor fire pits

For those more dedicated outdoors people, DIY outdoor fire pits are a fantastic gift idea or new home project. Fire pit parts come in all types of shapes, stones, fuels, and metal designs, but there are a few basic elements that you need to craft a unique fire pit. Whether you choose to dig an in-ground fire pit or build one on top of your lawn, you’ll need a stainless steel burner pan and cover, regulators, gas connections dependent on fuel type, flame and wind guards, and a burner to match the shape of your intended pit. Throw in a little creativity, and the parts will come together in a personalized pit your family will love.

Fire Pit Ideas

USA Pool Direct outdoor patio with hammered copper fire pit

Fire pits have seen a massive increase in production since their rise in popularity, and they’ve only gotten better since 2015. Some of the top brands on the market today have crafted fire pits for your backyard that you’re going to love just as much as we do. Although large markets can be overwhelming, now that you know what you’re looking for, we’re here to show you the best of the best for your toastiest patio yet.

Best fire pit designs

When it comes to heat, Arizona Patio Heaters sure knows how to start your fire. These Slate-topped wood burning fire pits from AZ Patio Heaters are the lightweight fire pit option we can’t get enough of this season. The durable, easy-clean slate won’t show wear and creates the perfect fashionable ledge to rest your drinks and snacks during a fun night outdoors with friends.

USA Pool Direct outdoor portable wood burning slate fire pits

USA Pool Direct outdoor portable wood burning slate fire pits

Fire Pit Sets

Eldorado Stone is here to fulfill all your best gas fire pit dreams with the Kittredge gas-burning outdoor fire pit. Made from strong and attractive Eldorado stone, the 46” diameter round construction is great for facilitating comfortable conversation and fitting all your favorite people easily around the fire.

USA Pool Direct round DIY fire pit kit

DIY Firepit

None of your friends will believe that you built and installed this gorgeous fire pit from Tejas Original’s subsidiary RTF Systems all by yourself. The Ready-To-Finish Systems fire pit kits are some of the most luxurious available, and they certainly don’t look like they were hand-placed. This 48” diameter round fire pit comes with a 25” stainless steel round burner pan and an 18” stainless steel fire ring that can run on either natural gas or liquid propane, for a fire pit experience you’ll cherish for years.

Fire Pit Accessories

USA Pool Direct deep blue fire pit fire glass







USA Pool Direct fire pit fire glass in crystal white

Once you’ve picked your perfect outdoor fire pit, there are a few fire pit accessories that are definite must-haves to get maximum enjoyment from your purchase. One of the most beautiful additions to your fire pit is reflective and durable fire glass that can be customized to your exact specifications. Whether you want your backyard to glow, glitter, or softly burn, your fire pit isn’t complete (and won’t be nearly as warm) without it.


Fire Pit Essentials

The experts at Bonfire Glass USA don’t just know how to build a fire pit – they know how to build them, decorate them, and help you wow your guests with them. With fire glass packages ranging from brilliant Crystal Turquoise to Reflective Copper Fire, you can pick and choose fire glass colors that match every season and every design scheme. Fire glass also helps lock in and radiate the heat from your fire pit, so that you can be sure you’re aesthetically pleasing and functional all at the same time.

USA Pool Direct backyard patio aesthetic design

Don’t let the time of day prevent you and your family from enjoying the outdoor spaces you’ve worked so hard to create. Relaxing by a fire pit or snuggling near a fire table is a relaxation experience like any other, and we at USA Pool Direct hope we’ve helped inspire you to find new and innovative ways to play with fire. Stay safe and stay warm, no matter what the season.




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